We often take to our blog to speak on what we’re passionate about. This is no different although it isn’t necessarily production related.

Introducing Hallie Bea

n January of 2017, we were brought on as the car mount team for a lip sync music video for a girl named Hallie Bea who had a rare blood disease called Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA). The other goal for the video was to help people join the bone marrow registry and see if they are a match for someone who needs a bone marrow transplant. A bone marrow transplant was the only way for Hallie to be cured of DBA  We only worked with Hallie for a little while but she was incredible to be around. Using Hallie’s strength and courage as their example, Hallie’s mom decided to not just try to save her girl, but also the 14,000 other people who are desperately waiting to find their bone marrow matches by founding the non profit, Hallie’s Heroes


Fast forward to this past october HALLIE FOUND A MATCH!! WOOHOO!! Since then, she received the bone marrow transplant and has been completely cured of DBA. What a blessing, right? It definitely is.

Last week, however, Hallie started having some pain in her thigh and felt a growth there. On Sunday, she had an MRI and it revealed that Hallie has a tumor caused by DBA called an Osteosarcoma. It’s cancer.

I won’t lie, we were pretty devastated by the news and I can’t begin to imagine how Hallie’s family feels. Don’t let that get you down, because Hallie took the news like a champ and upon being readmitted to the hospital she said, “It’s ok guys, I’m supposed to be here, there’s more people in here we can help.” If that doesn’t speak volumes about the kind of hero Hallie is, I don’t know what will. To show you a little more of her precious heart, she’s named her tumor “Cleopatra”! 

What Can You Do?

We’ve been inundated with texts and calls from people asking what they can do to help. Although Hallie’s family is requesting that they have no visitors, our good friend Officer Brandi (VP of Hallie’s Heroes) has re-opened the Gofundme campaign that was originally started to help lessen the massive costs of the bone marrow transplant procedure. Now, that campaign is directed toward helping soften the costs of fighting cancer even though they have insurance. You can find that link to gofundme right here!

Now, more than ever it’s tough to give money, things are tight for everyone. We understand that, so if you don’t feel like it’s financially responsible to give at this time, we ask that you at least share the link on your social medias and tag friends.

 Also, as a side note, Hallie’s favorite musician is P!nk, so feel free to tag her too, because she’s coming to Dallas at the end of march, and I think Hallie might explode from happiness if she got to meet her.

Lastly, I want to ask you to pray for Hallie Bea and her family. If you’re not religious, we ask that you send some form of positive energy to Hallie and her cause. This girl is a fighter, but it truly takes a village. We stand with Hallie Bea and we hope you will too.

We really appreciate you reading this blog and taking the time to send out vibes to Hallie or pray for her and everyone involved with her.


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