Pecan Tree Partners Part 2 of 2 The Facility Tour

Just as we promised, our newest blog post covers the lighting at the facility tour at Pecan Tree Partners. If you haven’t read our first blog post (Pecan Tree Partners Part 1 of 2), make sure to check that out first so you’ve got all the information.

We always think things are interesting in how they’re made and that seems to be a pretty common interest to people. Things like behind the scenes photos of green screens, visual effects wipes, toys, and, in this instance, pecans. So without further adieu, here is the facility tour of Pecan Tree Partners.


This tour was a blast to shoot, especially being able to light everything exactly like we wanted! It was an insanely long, 14 hour shoot day, but the final result was all worth it. On this facility tour, we pulled out all the stops.

In this facility tour we rigged basically every light we own, because the inside of the facility is practically lit by fluorescent lights and they just aren’t that friendly to digital sensors. It was incredible to be able to motivate the movement and the light with little touches like china balls and kicker daylight LEDs.

The facility tour in itself is pretty incredible, though. It was awesome getting to watch the guts of these machines processing masses of pecans in a matter of minutes. The most interesting machine to watch was the CRACKER. It can average cracking 700 pecans a minute and it was TOTALLY AWESOME. Ross managed to capture the cracker in 120 frames per second on the iPhone 5s while covering his face. Very entertaining to watch. *Wink Wink*.

We had a blast shooting the Pecan Tree Partners Facility tour for Silviano and we are so grateful for his business.

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Pecan Tree Partners Facility Tour – Hamil Bros Studios , Lubbock, Midland, Odessa, Texas



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