Here’s another exciting blog! Well, at least we’re excited! 

We love our dear friends at Alstrom Angels and Milestones Development and Play Park! They got a hold of us a few weeks ago to see if we could update their Taste of the Field ad we produced back in 2019. We were thrilled to jump back in with them!

We had a few minor updates to take care of including graphical updates to dates and locations as well as re-recording the voiceover. Our last BIG update was having to re-shoot the wine pairing for this year as they utilized a different winery from last year. 

This was a challenge we gladly took on and it was a LOT of fun. We had an idea to do something different and more vibrant than last year’s Burklee Hill wine shot. We cranked down and got some really cool, exotic looking wine shots compared to last year! Check out Jacob’s walk through of the set and how we lit it! 

We really love doing strokes of light behind the scenes videos where you can actually see what each light is doing. Now you can see what the camera sees as each light is struck!

We always love working with the ladies at Milestones and Alstrom. They’ve become more like family to us over the last few years. We are REALLY excited about this ad and can’t wait to see it air on TV. If you want to elevate your brand and soar beyond the local competition, give us a holler! 


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