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Welcome back folks! We’ve had a crazy ride this year and it’s been a majority of NDA projects for outside BIG companies that we’re just not allowed to post about. With that being said, we finally have a new project we get to share with all of you!

We found Mukewater Creative by happenstance honestly. I was looking for someone to take care some hats for our dad’s bowfishing business, Hamil Bowfishing Expeditions, because the last hat manufacturer went out of business during 2020. I knew Marshall Thornhill (owner of Mukewater Creative / Mukewater Outfitters) knew what he was talking about when he commented the name of the pacific headwear model I was looking for on my post. 

After they did a great job on the bowfishing hats, we decided to talk a little further with him about doing some of the merchandise for our hard rock band, LABOR XII. We worked together with Marshall and even with some curveballs thrown his way by his supply chain, he pulled off getting us our flat hats before our next concert! Let me tell you, they look even better than they feel.

How did we come to do production for him?

I’m glad you asked the question that leads me to where I headed next! After Mukewater delivered our hats, Marshall texted me and asked if I could send him some photos because he forgot to get some after they came off the line. I told him I’d be glad to shoot a couple stills for him. I shot the stills, sent them to him, and his response was something along the lines of “Bro… these are AWESOME! Don’t y’all do video production?” 

We had a chat about “Behind the Design.” He had some bumps in the road with the pilot episode that he wanted ironed out and decided to see if we’d be interested in jumping in and shooting it instead. We were thrilled with the proposition and we’re thrilled with the result, as is Marshall. Big shout out to Heritage Barber for letting us utilize their space for our set! 

If you need some storytelling for your brand, make sure to reach out to us! We’d love to talk about building a content package for your brand. In the meantime, enjoy the Behind the scenes shots from this shoot!


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