Bullock’s Jewelry “How to Cure THE Headache”

We at Hamil Bros Studios have been very lucky to accumulate a fantastic list of clients. One of the great clients we picked up is Bullock’s Jewelry (Bullock’s Facebook Page) in Roswell, New Mexico.

Our story with Bullock’s Jewelry begins back in January of this year. I’ve had a long standing relationship with the Bullock’s Son, Kyle, with whom I became friends in college. We took a small, one day trip out to Roswell to cold call on some businesses to see if we could pick up some new clients. The trip was relatively easy, but not much of a turnout, with the exception of Bullock’s Jewelry. We sat down with the owner, Don, showed him our demo and began figuring out a course of action. We immediately clicked because of Don’s great appreciation for humor.

At the end of the day, Ross and I headed back to Lubbock. On our way back, we developed 3-6 scripts for Bullock’s Jewelry to check out. I’m sure there were a fair few crazy ideas we’ve kept to ourselves… for now… A few of our ideas did make it to an actual script, though.

In late January, we decided to shoot a spec spot for Bullock’s Jewelry, just so they could get an idea of how one of their productions would look. We sent it to Don and Kyle and they both loved the idea. After several months of communication between us, we got a production deal worked out with them that they could work with. Once we came to an agreement, Don was great to make sure we had the appropriate jewelry for each spot.

Little did we know that our spec spot (plus a small shoot to add in jewelry) would be their first spot to air in Roswell.

We did shoot a small behind the scenes video for this spot and that can be found here! That behind the scenes video was also featured on the Kadams Media Blog out of New York. Keep an eye out to see our future productions with Bullock’s Jewelry!

We always appreciate your support and if you want to keep up with our day to day progress, check out our Facebook or Twitter.



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