Radio Silence

You may have noticed how our website hasn’t had a lot going on lately. One of the coolest/probably most frustrating things about video production is working on projects that won’t be released for months and months. Why are you reading this and what can I tell you? I’m so glad you asked and here’s your answer!

First of all, we appreciate your ability to be kept in the dark as we work on these projects. I’m going to give you all a sneak peek at what’s going on and what’s to come through the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. Let’s get started!

SEMA 2017

If you’ve kept up with our facebook, twitter, and instagram you probably saw us posting every once in awhile from SEMA 2017 in Las Vegas, NV. Now we can’t tell you a lot about the project except that we were working for Shell Oil in their Pioneering Performance Pavilion. We got to shoot some amazing cars, celebrities, events, and some really cool stories while we were there. So, enjoy a couple photos and keep watching for when we finally get to release our SEMA project post! (Photo Courtesy of J. Eatley Photography)

Autonation Build Promo

Also related to SEMA we got to shoot an announcement/promo for an Autonation truck build by the Flat 12 Gallery to be announced at SEMA. That was wicked cool and it was awesome of which to be a part. On that note, that project is in the final stages of post production and hopefully will be posted by the end of this year.

Ok cool, a bunch of teases and nothing more? Uhhhh Yes. You’re being kept in the dark for a reason. *Insert Maniacal Laugh*. But wait! There’s more! More teases, that is!

Super Bowl 2018

We’ve been really lucky to work with Brandon Adams in Midland, Texas. Brandon owns several companies in the Permian Basin, some of which you might be familiar if you keep with us on Social Media. Those companies are AJ Construction, Affinity Steel, and Affinity Overhead Door Company. Last year we produced 2 different ads for him. The first was Affinity Go where two rednecks have a Pokemon Go styled app that they follow until they find the Affinity Steel Location(Read Blog Here). The other ad was for Affinity Overhead Door Company (Find the blog here). In this ad, a couple is looking for a house they’be been invited to, but all they know is the general location and that “He said it would have a really nice garage door.”

Affinity Overhead Door Company 2017 Super Bowl Ad^

What does this have to do with why we’ve been radio silent? Again, thanks for asking! We upped our game this fall and produced 3 more ads for Brandon to play during the 2018 Super Bowl! Our visual effects game had to be up to par on these ads and we’re currently in post production. They will be released/revealed during the 2018 Super Bowl.

So, now you know a little of what’s been going on in our world. Keep up with us on our social medias where we post a little more frequently than on our website!


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