This last week finally came to a head today. We finished up the final wedding video of 2013 and got it delivered. Along with that, we’ve had the opportunity to meet and talk to several brides about their weddings this summer.

Last week, one of my wife’s second cousins passed away and the family asked if I would put together some slide shows to show at his memorial service. It was beautiful memorial and I’m honored to have known Jimmy John Pritchard and to have been a part of his memorial. Although the circumstances were unpleasant, it was a great time getting closer to my in-law family. They are a tight-knit group and it was an atmosphere that I can only wish for all families.

Last night, Jacob and I had a great photo shoot with our friend Kris Tryon. With all of the rebranding we’ve been doing, he is helping us out in a big way by sharing his amazing talents and using them to make our faces look good 🙂

Though dealing with the exhaustion of the weekend, Jacob and I made our way to Midland today to call on some clients that we are starting to work with. We closed on a 4-commercial bid today and we are extremely excited to get working on it and even more excited to share them with you when they are ready.

All in all, between the wedding videos and the tv commercials, I’m completely wiped out. However, seeing all of the hard work that we’ve put in over the last several months as it comes to fruition is overwhelming and something that we are both proud of.

The transition from G&H Media Productions to Hamil Bros Studios is also nearing its completion.

There are some people that I want to specifically thank for helping us grow and get where we are:

Our Mother – she has been behind us 200% since I started this business over 3 years ago and has been more help than I could ever thank her for.

Our Dad – his support has been huge. It’s not always the best idea to hire family to do contract work, but, he thought it was worth taking a chance and having us produce a couple of promotional videos for his ministry. I’m really glad he did because it gave me a little insight to the impact he is making on people’s lives. He was the best man at my wedding and he still one of the best men I know. (

My Wife – The poor woman didn’t know what she was getting into when she married me. However, she has stuck with me and supported this venture through some very difficult times. She also gave me two great reasons for pursuing this dream and striving to excel and make our living off of it. Those two reasons are our daughter, Terri, and our baby boy, Jonathan. They have been my biggest motivation for not giving up when that would have been the easiest thing to do. They’ve kept me from giving up on this business and, more importantly, they’ve kept me from giving up on myself.

Last and certainly not the least:

Kyle Bullock – He has given us the ammunition we needed to make this business start gaining traction and succeeding. We had the product, and he gave us the kick in the butt we needed to go out and do something with it. This guy is a ROCK STAR! (he’s also a future best-selling author check out his website and grab his new novel at

I’m certain I’m leaving some people out, and for that, I apologize, but, please know, that none of this would have been possible at all without the love and support of our friends and family.

Here’s to the new year!


What a Day We had at Hamil Bros Studios Video Production – Lubbock, Midland and Odessa Videographer Commercial


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