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Let’s talk about your business a little bit. I’m going to ask you some questions and you don’t have to answer them here, but I want you to think about them. 

  1. When it comes to employee training, do you have a strict and rigorous process you follow to complete that? This is to ensure that all your employees are getting the same exact information. 
  2. How much time does your company spend with each new employee in order to train them? This may not be you specifically spending your time, but could be managers or other employees. 
  3. Does this cut into time those employees could be spending being more efficient in other areas? 
  4. With these processes, are they solid enough that you would be able to scale or franchise your business in other areas and they would still follow the same guides as your original location?

Think on it

Give those questions some thought and I’m going to start addressing them. We ran into this recently with a returning video client. This client came to us and told us they’d like to do training videos because they realized they had never really nailed their processes down for how to run their shop. Originally, this wasn’t much of a problem because they had so few employees that they managed to convey all the right information to the new hires. Since then, they’ve done a great deal of business and figured out that they had to scale their business locally by adding another location. The issue now comes in that the owner and the operations manager don’t have the time to personally train each new employee. You can imagine what problems might arise with that situation. So they came to us and said, “Hey, we scaled and now we’re realizing that we need a baseline new employee training, so we know we can communicate to all of our employees effectively.” 

They were already sold on doing employee training videos as the operations manager had already tried to do it himself and they “stressed [him] out.” We just gave him some other things to think about which I asked above. We suggested he look over his numbers and figure out how much money they were spending in man hours to train new employees. As far as we can tell, just in our preliminary meeting, the cost of the training videos would save a massive amount of money as opposed to continually spending money to convey the same information over and over. Even with future updates to the training regiment, it would still be more cost effective to have training videos.  

If you feel like you’re in this situation with your business, we are here to support you! Give us a shout and we can figure out your best course of action for producing your training videos.


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