Getting ready to head out the door

Well, we have our edit, our audio, and our composited effects, and that means we’re ready for the final stages of the journey of this video. This has been quite a journey, but, it is the journey we take every single time Hamil Bros Studios shoots any video, minus the small differences from project to project.

If you remember, back in Part 13, we talked about color grading the interview footage while we were waiting for the client to send us notes on the video we sent them. What we didn’t talk about, and you probably didn’t even notice it, was that the color graded footage was never rendered out and sent into editorial. In this case we just edited the ungraded footage (this get’s sticky so just hang on while I try to explain).


The way we operate at Hamil Bros Studios is that we use our NLE (see Part 14 for more information on the NLE) to sync the video to the audio and then we send the synchronized information to our coloring software to make it look good, we then edit the raw footage and have to send the edit to the coloring software. This process is called a round-trip. Basically, a file is generated from the NLE that will tell the coloring program, “these are the video files used; this is where they were cut; and this is where they need to be placed in the timeline”


That’s a very basic description because there’s a lot more information transferred in that file, but, that will give you the idea.

This is what the file looks like, in case you were curious.

I can create the edit in one program and use a file to recreate the same edit (automatically) in another program that serves a different purpose.

Once the edit is in the coloring program, we make sure all of the different clips look good through the edit as they are now colored, and we render that baby out to our master file.

Hooray, he finally reached the end!

Don’t break out the champagne yet… We still have a few things to do, but, they’re simple and fairly quick.

Now that we have our master file, we have to use it to create our deliverables. It would be great if there were such thing as one file that would work for all deliveries, but, alas, that is not the world we live in.

So, we will take the master file and create multiple different versions for different outlets including Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, and even Instagram.

Where does it all go?

Those delivery files are easy to create. It’s a few drag-and-drops and mouse-clicks. The most difficult deliveries to make are the deliveries going out to television. Those take quite a bit more work which, again, I don’t want to bore you with because it is particularly boring.

But, with a few uploads and emails, the files are delivered to their final destinations.

The Finishing Touches (It’s Peanutbutter Blogging Time)

The last thing we do, most of the time, is write up a blog post or a project post on our website so your business, or nonprofit, gets a little more exposure. We share the videos on social media and just about everywhere we can. We are proud of our work and want our followers to see how proud we are.

Final Thoughts

It’s almost over! In the next post we’re going to give you some tangible answers to some of the questions we started off with in Part 1 (as if we didn’t go into enough detail answering those questions).

You can check out last week’s post here, and next week’s here, available 02/20/17

If, at any point, you have any questions, please email us at [email protected] or you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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