Post Apocalypse

Last time, we talked about prepping our video for the edit and sending it off to the client for review. Sometimes, we get caught in limbo while we wait for the client to get back with notes.

That’s a rare case though. Most of the time we can, instead start the basic edits. Cutting out the video at the beginning of the clip before the subject starts talking, and trimming the same off the end after they stop.

One thing we will start doing at this point is finding music. We will search for something that we feel will fit the emotion of the video and really sell the message.


Grade “A” color

The other thing we can start doing, really only in an interview scenario, is the color correction and color grading process.

Okay… You’re talking about more coloring… I thought that last image looked pretty good.

Yeah… It’s alright. But, we, at Hamil Bros Studios, will never settle for “alright.”

Since, the shots won’t be changing much, we’ll jump into the color correction part first.

Sounds pretty simple, and, it kind of is, but, ideally, what we want to do is make sure that the brightest parts of the image and the darkest parts of the image get moved to their appropriate brightness. To gauge this, we use scopes.

Better, but, we’re still not where we want to be. The next thing we’ll do is add saturation.

In a worse scenario, the white balance of the clip might be off (white balance being a setting that makes white look white on screen).

So, we’ll manipulate the colors in a general way to make sure that the white balance is correct.

Still not quite there yet. Most cameras don’t interpret red very well, and there are other colors that you can have trouble with, so, we’ll manipulate those colors further to get them properly placed.

Once the shot is looking “right,” we’ll make it really pop. Get that Hollywood shine on it.

This can take quite a while, but, for this article I’ll just show you some of the steps I took to punch up the image.

That’s looking pretty stinking good. So, now, let’s check back and see what we have from the client…

Well, this time, it looks like they are happy with everything and just want us to use our best judgement to edit this piece down, which means, time to edit!

In the next post, we’ll look at some of the ins and outs of the editing process.

You can check out last week’s post here, and next week’s here, available 01/23/17.

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