Weddings provide life-long memories of a day that one spends months (or years) to plan and on which one can spend thousands (or tens of thousands) yet only lasts a few hours and is often lost in the vortex of faulty human recollection. This day teems with undeniably beautiful moments that race in and out of existence, sometimes in a single instance. Despite the criticisms of amateur videographers, professional wedding filmmakers capture whole moments, both visual and auditory, that single images cannot.

The wedding day, for the couple, is typically the busiest, most stressful day that either of them will have had to that point in their lives. It is a beautiful collection of breathtaking moments that the couple, their friends, and their families will want to remember for the rest of their days. Although it is an incredibly involved day on the part of many, it tends to flash by in one incredibly emotion-filled instant. In many ways, the bride and groom are so overwhelmed by love, laughs, hugs, and tears that they hardly remember specifics of the day once it has passed. From preparation to riding off in a sunset bound limo, the beautiful moments make their appearance throughout the day, sometimes without the knowledge of the bride and groom. Wedding videography is an industry designed to capture all the beautiful aspects of this special day of the two souls’ cohesion. One monumental facet of this encapsulation is the recording of audio.

The audio reproduction is, most likely, one of the most tremendous grounds on which having the wedding filmed should become priority. There are innumerable amounts of advice and wishes bestowed on the bride and groom, but the sum is so immense that most of these things are forgotten. One particular audio token that will remain special to the couple is the wise advice the parents and grandparents bestow upon them, such as the fact that when “things get tough for the couple, communication is key” or “’Yes m’am’ is always the best answer.” Along with that and, perhaps more important, the exact vows shared between the bride and groom accompanied by their affirmation of “I do” during the ceremony are captured in their entirety. Although both these topics will always be remembered, no one wants to forget the wonderful wishes of love conveyed through the toasts at the reception. Despite the fact that film captures audio in a wedding, film can also catch an entire moment, not just a single glimpse.

The photographer has an incredible job in catching a beautiful moment inside a single frame, but film can capture an entire moment that can be relived over and over. Video grasps live action that photographs may not necessarily be able to convey, such as the flower girls picking each other’s noses in the reception or the ring bearer growling as he marches the pillow with the rings down the aisle. It also allows the bride and groom to revisit the experiences they enjoyed the most along with moments for which they couldn’t be present, like what the groomsmen and bridesmaids did to the car in which bride and groom leave the event. Film provides many different ways to enjoy whole moments, but the industry receives a fair bit of criticism because of amateurs who claim to be professionals.

Wedding film and videos have taken a hit since film cameras and camcorders became affordable to the general public. Hiring professional filmmakers is a great way to give that cousin with the camcorder from 1993 a rest.  It also provides a beautiful way for the couple and family to enjoy their day without the stress of worry for the poor lad. Time and time again, filmmakers are told of disasters with film amateurs such as a friend agreeing to video for free and never showing up or a cousin losing all the video cards and then claiming that he gave them to the bride. Wedding film is not a “lights, camera, ACTION!” affair, and the professional filmmakers will make it a priority to remain invisible to those around them. Most likely the biggest reason couples won’t hire filmmakers is due to price. Why not pay for something that isn’t restricted by time as opposed things that are? Couples will pay copious amounts of money for flowers and dresses that will only be used for a single day. The investment in having a beautiful high quality reproduction of that special day is more than worth the money that is spent on it.

The wedding day is, most likely, the most stressful day in the couple’s life up to that point, and the memories of that day will continually fade over the years to come, unless they can be reminded of them. Hiring filmmakers is a great way to capture a large portion of the beautiful moments and the audio that it entails rather than just a silent, single slice of that moment. This capture can be conveyed in high definition film that will be a fantastically vivid reminder of that special day. Wedding filmmakers work tirelessly to re-frame the predisposition against wedding film by creating beautiful masterpieces of timeless memorabilia for the bride and groom to cherish for the rest of their days. Although harsh criticism revolves around amateur videographers, professional filmmakers make it their priority to capture whole moments, visual and auditory, that can be relived time and time again.


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