Well, the end of 2012 is here and with it a ton of great experience. Lots of great things have happened (personally and professionally). We’ve shot several great weddings and had fun with the television work we’ve done. We were even given the opportunity to get to shoot some behind the scenes footage for the new IMAX theater here in Lubbock. None of this, however, would have been possible without these three people, and to them, I would like to give special thanks:

1. Haley Hamil – She has not only helped shoot, she has provided huge support at home while this venture has started taking off. She and I enjoyed bringing our baby boy into this world and we have enjoyed every bit of sleep we could get our hands on since then.

2. Donna Hamil – Beyond providing a place for me to stay during out of town work, she has spent the most time behind a camera (besides myself) and you can double that time considering she was operating 2 cameras at once. She also has done a wonderful job handling all of my out of town banking.

3. Last, but, certainly not least: Jacob Hamil – I don’t know where to begin here. Jacob started assisting me back in May with a huge last minute wedding in San Antonio, but, the business did not really peak his interest until we worked together on one of his school projects (which has spawned into another venture altogether) and that lit the spark. Since then, Jacob has edited several projects and saved me more time than I could have ever imagined. Not only has he made an effort to learn a lot, he has put it into practice. He has been the single biggest asset behind the computer that I have had to opportunity to bring on board.

Having said all of that, I would like to present them all with an “Employee of the Year” certificate. But, since I don’t have any certificates, they get this blog post and the title and all of the bragging rights involved.


It would be amiss to leave off several other people who made this year possible:

  1. Laicy Madrid – Mad Marketing: Thanks for all of the opportunity to bring a creative touch to the television in the Permian Basin.
  2. Tricia Hamil – Viridian Design Studios: Thank you for all of the opportunities you have sent our way
  3. Dr. Usha Kurra – Hindu Association of West Texas: Many thanks for introducing us into some Indian Culture and for all of the opportunities that are coming with it.
  4. All of our friends in the WCWP and Wedding Cinema Forums: You guys know how to stress me out and make me laugh all in the same thread. Keep up the good work (or waste of time)
  5. Reed and Julie Hamil: You two got me out of a huge bind for camera people at least once 😉 thanks for the help!


Lastly,  thanks to everyone who has been there to support us: from our clients to our friends. Thank you and may 2013 be even better!


Ross Hamil
Owner of Hamil Bros Studios


Thanks for 2012 from Hamil Bros Studios Lubbock, TX – Lubbock, Midland and Odessa Videographer Commercial


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