Fire in the Panhandle

As you may have heard, a few weeks ago in the Texas panhandle, as well as parts of Oklahoma and Colorado, there was a tremendous wildfire that scorched about 750 square miles of farmland, displaced around 10,000 head of cattle and horses, claimed 5 lives (more on that Here), and dealt an estimated $21 Million in Damage not including lost farm equipment. Being from an agricultural community such as Lubbock, we understand the importance of this land and how it affects the wellbeing of those who work it year round.

How can you get involved?

At Hamil Bros Studios, we believe in giving back and supporting the communities in which we’re involved, and although we are not involved so much in the panhandle, it is a wonderful part of our state and we want to help support the disaster relief efforts taking place right now. We’ve decided to commit 15% of the revenue of every project we book from today (March 22, 2017) through May 31st, 2017 to the disaster relief of those affected by the Panhandle wildfires.

If you’d like to donate directly to the fund, you can find that link here.


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