Nothing is more frustrating when we are shooting a wedding video, than to get to a church and find out that there is some mean little church lady on an ego trip and find out that we are only allowed to have a single camera in the balcony (this doesn’t make for a good wedding video).

The problem behind this is a church having strict rules. Most of the time, these rules are an absurdity brought about from a bad experience that the church had with a videographer who was offensive in his presence.

Our friend, Adam Forgione (Pennylane Productions) wrote this article and has a short film that shows some incredible examples of how these rules negatively affect your end product.

Pennylane Church Rules

“No one seems to want to talk about this, but if you were to ask any photographer or cinematographer, I bet they would all share similar experiences about how strict churches dramatically limit the quality of their work. There is nothing worse than having an unhappy church representative walk up to you and say you aren’t allowed to do your job because of some unprofessional videographer or photographer who set a bad example in the past…”\

-Adam Forgione

Please read the rest of the article here.

There is nothing about shooting a wedding that can’t be over come, however, the farther in advance these things are addressed, the easier it is for everyone.



Why Hamil Bros Studios doesn’t like Strict Rules at Churches for Wedding Videos – Lubbock, Midland and Odessa Videographer


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