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Over a year and a half ago, I was approached by Tricia Hamil at Viridian Design Studios to do a short promotional video for her wedding design business to answer the question “what do you do?”

I started shooting for this project in April of 2012 and Jacob went back with me to finish the job in October of 2013. This, without question, has been the longest running project we have ever taken on. Mostly, it was because of scheduling, but, it’s finally finished and we couldn’t be happier.

It started in 2012 with a shoot Tricia’s store in Kerrville, TX. I spent Thursday there observing and shooting as flowers were delivered and immediately turned into center pieces and various arrangements for the 2 weddings that were coming up on the approaching Saturday. It was all-hands-on-deck and, as fast-paced as the atmosphere was, it was running like a well oiled machine.

On Friday (the 13th), I spent the day following Tricia to the two different wedding sites: the P-B Ranch and Riven Rock Ranch.

By the end of the day, having run back and forth between the two locations more times than I can remember, I was completely wiped out. It was at that point that Tricia sent me home and she was going to stay up at the shop going over all of the details for the next day and finalizing all of the last-minute details.

So, I went on back to the house and tried to get some sleep for the following day.

Saturday, came too quickly. I was up and ready to go at 9. By the time I woke up, Tricia was already at the store. I headed across town and met up with her before she left and jumped in the car with my camera, bag, and a tripod.

That may have been the longest day of my life. From the time we left the studio to the end of the day, it was all a blur. Tricia works so quickly and efficiently, it was all I could do to keep up.

By the end of the day, all I know is that we ended the day at Riven Rock and my feet were ready to fall off. I really don’t know how she does what she does. I was nothing more than the shell of a human by the end of that day and she does this every weekend.

Sunday, we had lunch and I headed to Odessa for a commercial shoot on Monday.

After having conversations about the direction she wanted this promotional film to go, we (Jacob and I) decided to go back and double team another weekend in Kerrville.

We arrived on a Thursday, last October (2013) and immediately went back to her store to discuss the plans for the weekend and to start shooting. Thursday, was a pretty relaxed day (for us) so, we wrapped things up in a hurry and went back to the house to try and get rested up for Friday. Instead of resting, we ended up shooting a short film with our cousins (more on that here).

When Friday rolled around we spent a bit of our time at Comanche Trace (mostly driving around, because some guy on a riding lawn mower pointed us in the wrong direction and I’m pretty sure we ended up somewhere in Connecticut). Once we finally reached the club house, we ended up with some beautiful footage of the set-up for a rehearsal dinner that was going to be taking place there. It was a pretty easy day (for us).

Saturday, Jacob and I headed out to our next location and one of the prettiest wedding sites we’ve ever seen: Camp Waldemar.

We spent quite a bit of time there shooting aerial footage and covering the prep as Jodi, Charles, and Dustin (some of Tricia’s team members) put together an amazing display. We would love to have stayed there all day, but, we ended up leaving there and going to a reception at Riverhill Country Club.

This was a tent set-up right off the golf course. It was absolutely stunning.

All in all, we are very grateful that we were given the opportunities to film the amazing work that Tricia and her team do at Viridian Design Studios.

As if that isn’t testimony enough of the great work she does, Jacob and I have kept in contact with a bride who’s wedding we shot and who’s wedding was designed by Tricia. She told us that if she had it (her wedding) to do over again, she would, without question, have Tricia design and coordinate her wedding again.

We absolutely love working with Tricia and her team and look forward to many more opportunities!


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