Spring Creek Ministries: Christopher Meets Spider-man

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Telling beautiful stories is one of the highlights of our video production business. Christopher’s story is definitely one we’re excited about!

Cameras! They’re EVERYWHERE!

When we were shooting in Trustpoint with Spiderman, we had NO control over lighting. We knew that going into the shoot. I, for one, was pretty concerned about the footage turning out “pukey” as we say. We deployed 7 different cameras (?). The Ursa Mini, the Black Magic Design Pocket Cinema Camera, The Black Magic Micro Cinema Camera, and 4 GoPros. When you don’t color check your multiple cameras, getting them to match can be a MAJOR pain in the butt. Ross went in, like a wizard, and managed to correct these images like a pro. Giving the room the correct visual tones, although the lighting didn’t want us to have that.

What a Story!

As you can see, it took a lot of prayer and dedication for Christopher to be able to run out of the hospital. Since Spring Creek Ministries is run by our parents, we work closely with them. When we heard about Spider-Man (Brian Holt) coming to visit Christopher, we wanted to document it just to give people an idea about what Spring Creek does for people.

If I’m not mistaken, this was the very first project we got to use our new (to us) Black Magic Design Ursa Mini. This camera DOES NOT disappoint. We LOVE IT! The way the sensor sees skin tones is amazing and its high frame rate capabilities are fantastic. Now, this is the part where we have to mention what a color genius Ross is.

Interviews and Story

From there, we went back to our parent’s house and shot their interview. They told Christopher’s story very concisely. I hope to put together a more full edit of the project including some of the other stories involving them with Christopher, but it’s hard to release anything longer than 5 minutes on social media and expect anyone to watch the entire thing.

We can’t believe the progress Christopher made and that we were lucky enough to play a small part in sharing his story. If this story touched you, we hope you’ll consider becoming a donor/partner with Spring Creek Ministries. If that interests you, click here for more information!

Lastly, enjoy this behind the scenes gallery below!


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