Permian Tennis Guns and Glory Clay Shoot



These past few weeks have been slightly less than murder for us. It’s been quite the journey even since our last blog post. A week ago we were contacted by the Permian Tennis Booster Club about a sponsored clay bird shoot they are hosting. They told us that they would need a fast shoot and an even faster turn around. We told them we were happy to assist them! Two days later, Ross packed up and headed to Odessa where he met up with me at our location. We had a member of the Booster Club, the Permian Tennis Coach, and three awesome players from the Permian Tennis team join us on set for a fun filled shoot! What’s more fun than tennis balls, racquets, and shotguns? I can tell you. Nothing is better than tennis balls, racquets, and shotguns. The shoot went relatively quickly but we got a ton of great material to use for their spot.

Ross immediately headed back to Lubbock where he started pulling the first draft of the TV spot together. The next evening, Ross had the first draft edit of the Permian Tennis spot ready for me to begin the sound design. This production would have been much more difficult on my end, had it not been for Video Copilot and their newest sound design product Motion Pulse! This sound design product really helped beef up the graphics and intensify the footage to a point with which we were happy.

Then came the music design. I needed something rough and gritty to portray the feeling of the Permian Tennis GUNS AND GLORY clay shoot. What better way to portray GUNS AND GLORY than with good hard rock? The answer is that there isn’t a better way, hehe. So I plugged in and tracked all the music. That music compiled with the awesome sound design elements made for one intense TV spot.

The Permian Tennis Guns & Glory commercial will air from July 28th through August 7th during hunting and fishing, news, and sports venues. So, be sure to catch it on TV and let us know what you think of it!




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