Pecan Tree Partners Part 1 of 2

At Hamil Bros Studios, we like to do things a little differently. In some cases, that means taking on jobs that are out of the ordinary. About a year and a half ago, Silviano Garcia, owner of Pecan Tree Partners, gave us a call and wanted us to produce a 30 second TV spot for him.


When we initially met with Silviano at Pecan Tree Partners, he told us that he was bound and determined to use us, but needed to do some cosmetic work on their facility before they wanted to shoot anything. So, we gave him a bid and he accepted it on the spot.

Several months would go by and we’d either contact him or he’d give us a call just to let us know how things were going at their facility. Talk about planting a seed and watching it grow (pun intended). Finally about two months ago, Silviano told us he was ready for us to do our video production at the Pecan Tree Partners facility. So, we made a trip down to Midland to tour the facility. What we didn’t expect was one of the most interesting tours we had ever been on.

Pecan Tree Partners is the only full service pecan processing plant within 100 miles. This means they grow the pecans in the orchard, sanitize them, then process them right there in the facility. It’s truly an awesome process to watch. We had Silviano give us a tour, which would give us a starting point for the script. With all our wonder and amazement, Silviano had the idea to have us shoot for a long form video tour of the plant. That will be discussed in a future blog post, so keep an eye out for it!

We never left Pecan Tree Partners empty handed. Silviano always graciously gave us bags of pecans to take home. That is a business gesture that becomes more and more scarce and we appreciate that! We left the plant and headed back to Lubbock to start formulating a script, shot list, and production design.

We wanted the Pecan Tree Partners TV spot to be inviting in a warm, home-made fashion. Given that, we already knew the perfect warm and inviting voice would be none other than our very Ryan Ramon of Ramon VoiceOvers. We decided it definitely needed to be lit with warm tungsten lights with splashes of daylight color contrast. Along with that, we wanted to make sure to catch “Golden Hour” for our exterior shooting. Once we had the plan figured out, we called Pecan Tree Partners to see how soon we could come down and shoot.

The date was set for September 1st! We headed down the night before to load in our gear since we were going to have such an early start. When we got to Pecan Tree Partners, they let us unload the trailer and set up our 33ft camera jib. The jib takes about an hour and a half to rig and balance and golden hour only gives us a limited time to shoot. So, we had to be prepped and ready to roll as soon as we arrived the next morning.

We arrived at Pecan Tree Partners bright and early on September 1st and commenced one of the most awesome, incredible, and hot shoots we’ve ever been on. It was a 14 hour day of hard work and dedication, and the final result totally made it all worth it.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post about our Pecan Tree Partners 30 second TV spot. Keep an eye out because we will be posting part 2 where we talk more in depth about the lighting and the tour of the facility film. It’s a blog you DO NOT want to miss. Seriously, pecan processing is ridiculously interesting!

On another note, we want to give a shout out to our great friend Jessica at SHK Advertising for doing our media buying! She always treats our clients with care and respect! Thanks Jessica!

If you live in the Permian Basin, love pecan products, or don’t know what to do with all the pecans around your house, visit Pecan Tree Partners. It’s totally worth it. We’ll even give you their address 😉

Pecan Tree Partners, 4601-B NCR 1162 N Loop 250, Midland, TX.

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