“Cooking Out” – Short Film (4K Video) Hamil Bros Studios

We never have a dull moment at Hamil Bros Studios and our most recent short, “Cooking Out”, really lends to that fact.

A few weeks ago, we were doing some research and came across a competition hosted by a group known as Film Riot on youtube. The competition stated that you must make a short film (in the span of two weeks) that has a shootout take place. The duration could only be up to one minute and the weapons could really be anything. They could be prop guns, dollar store guns, water guns, finger guns, etc. The possibilities were endless! As I watched the video with all the information, a crazy plot exploded in my mind for the film “Cooking Out”.

I immediately called Ross (laughing so hard I was crying) to talk through the idea and make sure I wasn’t insane. Good news is, Ross is just as crazy as I am, and loved the idea! We basically took down plot points or comedic actions we wanted to see in a list and I compiled them into a script. This was pretty late at night and I was exhausted. Therefore, this film, “Cooking Out”, was even funnier than it should have been normally.

I was in Odessa when I scripted out the idea. The next day I headed to Lubbock for a wedding (as a friend and a guest, not a vendor). I had some other business to take care of, but was going to have a free afternoon and asked Ross if he would like to shoot “Cooking Out” with me. He told me he would be glad to! Production for “Cooking Out” took somewhere around 3 hours to shoot everything.

We have an incredible aunt, Alicia Rigney, whom we must honor for her incredible prosthetics work in “Cooking Out”. She crafted the bullet hole in my head with just a few household items, and did it in record time. The bullet hole construction took somewhere around 15-20 minutes to complete.

Shooting in 4K made for us having to make sure we  had everything down to the “t” before the camera was rolling. Once we got the bullet hole crafted to my forehead, we began shooting.

“Cooking Out” also debuts Alicia’s son and our cousin, Jackson Rigney, who was a phenomenal actor. He conveyed the ideas we had for him really well and we’ve received lots of feedback that his part in the film was most people’s favorite. Thanks Jackson!

Once shooting was done, Ross got me the footage for this film and I was honored to cut together my first ever short film for Hamil Bros Studios. I had a lot of fun doing the edits and sound design for “Cooking Out”!

We had a blast shooting “Cooking Out” We don’t know what will come next in the line of short films, but you can keep up with us on Facebook or Twitter. We appreciate your support as always and share the link with your friends!



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