There’s more to the frame than just the subject

Our interviewee is lit for the video and that’s pretty good, right? Absolutely! But, for Hamil Bros Studios, that’s not good enough. Boom! Throwin’ down the gauntlet here… Not really, but, whatever.

In this third photo, we add the third lighting element known under various names such as the back light, rim light, or hair light.

This was our final lighting for our subject

We have a good looking subject, but, unless we’re going for the lonely-person-in-infinite-blackness kind of look, we’ve got to do something about the rest of the set. So, looking around, we see that we have a couple pianos in here, and some musical decorations. Perfect! (By the way: this shoot is for a youth orchestra, so, musical stuff is great).

Let’s spice this up, shall we?


Here, we’ve added some background elements to make the shot more interesting.

That’s looking pretty stinking cool. But, let’s do some more.


This was our final lighting set up. we controlled the lights hitting the background elements to keep them from drawing your attention. Very subtle difference between this and the last photo, but, lighting is often a subtle art form

After a bit of fine tuning, we have a killer looking frame. The interviewee looks amazing and the background elements sit nicely.. Ready to roll, right? Again, I’m sorry to disappoint, but, we still have more to do.

You’re getting off easy with this one. It was short, but, I’m sure I’ll make up for it somewhere else. In the next post, we’ll get into the stuff that you thought you were going to get into earlier, but, have had to wait: the Camera!

As a side note, we won’t be having a new post next week because it’s Thanksgiving. So, enjoy the

You can check out last week’s post here, and the next post here, available 11/28/16

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