Wow. 18 posts. If you’ve made it all the way through, then go buy yourself a beer from us and congratulate yourself. You’ve now seen what goes into ever video production that we do at Hamil Bros Studios. Sure, there’s more, but, you still have a good idea of what it requires to deliver the standard of quality that we hold for ourselves.

If you recall, from the early posts in this series, we were going to be editing a 30-second promo of the interview content that we started out with. As fate would have it, the client ended up not needing a 30-second promo and thus, we weren’t tasked with putting one together. So, we really don’t have anything to show for that. But, that doesn’t mean that we can’t answer some of these questions:

  1. How long did it take us to set up and shoot the first interview?
    For these sets of interviews, it took us nearly 3.5 hours. For a set of commercials we shot recently, we spent around 12 hours on set-ups for different locations.
  2. How long did it take to edit that interview down to a 30-second video?
    Sorry, we don’t have a direct answer for this. By my best estimation, this process would have taken somewhere around 24 hours total. For a 30-second commercial, it can take closer to 50 hours.


As this series evolved, I came to realize that there really was not one project that we could follow and achieve the goals of what I wanted to express throughout this educational course. Needless to say, if you’re looking for high quality production, you can expect there to be a significant investment in time. Also, if the production crew is going to take less than an hour or two to shoot your entire video, with the exception of some rare cases where time is extremely limited and they are extreme professionals, then evaluate whether this is a wise investment. Sure, anyone could shoot a bunch of pan, tilt, and zoom footage in a matter of minutes, but, is that really going to elevate your brand. The other thing to ask yourself is how you view video content: is it just a cost of doing business and anything will do, or is it an investment in your brand that will bring a significant return?

Well, that’s all folks. We really can’t tell you how much we appreciate you putting in the time to listen to me ramble. We hope that you’ve walked away from this feeling more educated about the process of Hamil Bros Studios video production and are now considering the cost involved, knowing how much time, gear, and education go into making outstanding productions.


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Until next time, this is Ross signing off.
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