Wow. June was busy. July has proven to be just as busy and we’re only 5 days in.

From the pictures, you can see that we have been up to a lot.

It started with making a ton of equipment upgrades, one of which was upgrading to a 4K video camera.

No doubt, by now, you’ve heard about the 4k video movement. TV’s are moving toward 4k, broadcast is trying to move toward 4k, Netflix is going to take the plunge into 4k. I have my qualms about 4K video as a delivery medium (that’s a conversation for another day), as an editor and visual effects artist, it is a huge deal. It also means that the quality of the end product is increased.

Another huge upgrade was the piece of equipment we have affectionately named “Ichabod”. We welcome our new 33-foot camera crane to West Texas. As far as we know, it is the longest crane between Dallas and Albuquerque.
The biggest caveat was that the instructions were completely in Chinese. That made for an interesting setup the first time. However, I’ve worked on a couple of crane jobs and had learned how to assemble a beast such as this.

Most of this equipment was purchased for use on our upcoming Sewell commercials which we started initial production on last Tuesday. We spent somewhere around 20 hours prepping for what turned into an 8.5-hour shoot. We tested out our new dolly track and our Dad (Lonnie Hamil) helped us rig a motor for a 2-hour long time-lapse. It took several tries to get the speed right, but, it worked.

In the midst of all of this, we bought some new lighting as well. We ended up using it for some more Bullock’s Jewelry commercials we have been shooting.

We have made some major headway in the equipment department that will only push us further.

Out of all of this, we are announcing our biggest change, we are getting out of doing weddings. We have found our niche in the commercial world and we haven’t done a single wedding this year and we really haven’t missed it. We might take on a wedding here and there, but, that will be at our discretion.

We hope that you continue to follow us as we make a ton of progress.

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