Ahhh… To be a kid again.

You’re probably thinking, “wow, is this guy serious?”

I know. I know. This movie isn’t exactly awe-inspiring, but, I love these movies anyway (and I’m talking about the originals, not the new ones that have been completely re-cast).

There’s something about them that takes me back to my days in middle school and junior high. Coming up with big plans to accomplish great things that served no purpose. Yet, it was fun.

Beyond that, these movies remind me that things don’t have to attached to cinematic greatness to be fun (and between you and me, I actually used the concept behind one of the scenes in the first movie to help execute something in one of our Super Bowl ads this year).

So, while these aren’t the movies that film classes will dissect for their deeper meanings, they’re a great series to sit down with the kids and enjoy a laugh and reminisce about the good ol’ days.


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