Welcome to week 5 of the Movie of the Week here at Hamil Bros Studios. The Green Mile is one of my all time favorite films. It sits in an “Epic” category of movies that I own. This category is definitely not defined by any specific genre or director or anything like that. They are literally movies that I walked out of and said “Wow, that was epic.” So, first in the category of Jacob’s Epic films that he loves is “The Green Mile.”


You read it correctly, I love me some Tom Hanks. I’m sure he’s had his flops in movies, but, luckily, I didn’t have to experience any of those that I can remember. The Green Mile is beautiful in every way. Supreme storytelling, masterful cinematography, and an incredible cast that’s going to make you laugh, cry (a lot), and most important of all, love.

The Synopsis

I don’t want to give any spoilers, but it may occur. And we will allow no mobbing. This story is amazing! It’s a Stephen King novel (one I intend to read) and it’s just magic. Literally. It’s about a jailor (Tom Hanks) who works a detention block at a prison where they use the electric chair as the death punishment. They receive a prisoner (Played by Michael Clark Duncan, RIP) who has been accused of raping and murdering two little girls. Through a strange turn of events they learn he has some interesting/ miraculous powers. Ok, no more spoiling.

What’s the value?

Well, in our side of video production this film holds value on which you really can’t put a price. This was lensed by one David Tattersall (Director of Photography: Star Wars Episodes 1-3, Con Air, and many more). The look of this film has always intrigued me and I’ve always loved it. The lighting is spectacular and they implement a lens technique I’m still dying to try. Not only the technical side of the film inspires me, the story does as well. If you watch this film and don’t fall in love with it, we will gladly pay for your next psych evaluation. It’s incredibly impactful and I watch it 3 or 4 times a year at least. Like Ross mentioned in his Pursuit of Happyness blog a few weeks ago, when I feel down or creatively snuffed, I watch this movie.

What do you think?

Ross and I would love your feedback on these blog posts! Have you picked up any of the films we’ve talked about over the last 5 weeks? What did you think! Make sure and comment, because we LOVE talking movies!

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