Welcome to our very first “Movie of the Week” blog! To kick off the first ever, I wanted to start with my all time most favorite comedy, AIRPLANE! Starring a rather large cast at the time, Robert Hays, Julie Hagerty, Leslie Nielsen (one of my personal favorites, RIP), and so many more. This is a movie that if we’re friends and you’ve not seen it, you will promptly be invited over to watch it and listen to me laugh at it hysterically. NOW, it is to be stated clearly this movie came out in 1980, so the PG rating doesn’t do it much justice. More like a PG-13 in today’s terms, but much better comedy than really anything I’ve seen come out in my lifetime. I love it so much there is an original theater poster for the film in my apartment (courtesy of Ross this past Christmas, pictured right).

This film has had a HUGE impact on our video production work. It really fuels the humor with which we write. Our biggest projects with this sort of humor can be found in our Brink Fleet ads featuring Merkel Dergler.

Prepare your quick wit

This film is PACKED FULL of one-liners that you’re probably going to have to watch it about 4 times before you actually realize what they’re saying. Thus, when you spend a day with Ross and myself on set, you’re going to get very comfortable or frustrated by the type of humor, because it flows through our veins. If you don’t like quick witted humor or plays on words, you will probably hate this movie.

Don’t watch what you think you want to…

Huh? Is this guy some kind of idiot? Well… Yes, but the funny kind. But really, you’re going to notice things in this film but you’ve got to watch for them. For instance, if something is drawing your attention in the foreground, most likely something odd or hilarious is happening in the background. Also, it’s worth mentioning that this film is so awesome that it gets referenced in other films and I can guarantee that you’ve said something to someone involving the word “surely” and they’ll respond “Of course it is, and don’t call me Shirley.” That was born with Airplane!

I don’t want to ruin anything else for you, not that there’s anything to ruin, but if you like to laugh (which is the supposedly the very best medicine) than go to Best Buy, Amazon, or any of your retail movie outlets and pick up this film. It was on netflix at one point, but I’m not sure it’s there any more. I seriously have watched my blu ray copy about a thousand times, it feels like.If you’re younger, talk to your parents, they may have seen it. It could be something to do with them that you both wind up enjoying.  I love it, and I hope that you’ll love it too! 

What’s the Significance?

As some of you know, nearly a year ago, we lost our grandmother, “Honey”, who introduced us to this film as well as fueled our comedy. She was the life of the party and was most definitely one of the funniest women you’d would have ever met. If you had met her, you knew she was as funny as she was hospitable. Honey was in a car wreck that put her in the hospital and to all our knowledge she was supposed to be going home. On one of our many visits to the hospital, not nearly the last as we would come to find out, we were walking out the door and Ross popped his head back in the room to say “Just wanted to tell you both good luck and we’re all counting on you.” The last thing she ever said to either of us was “Don’t call me Shirley!” As you can imagine, this film will forever be cherished by us.

I just wanted to tell you all, “Good Luck and we’re all counting on you.”

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