Blake and Tiffany Miller Wedding

Wedding Video Still from Miller Wedding

“This video was amazing! Ross was wonderful and so easy to work with! The video was by far the best thing we spent money on!!”
-Tiffany Miller

Hey guys,

It’s been a while. I’ve been a little out of the game for a few weeks. My wife and I just had a baby (turns 7 weeks old today) and I put a little hold on business while we were waiting on him to arrive and things have been slowly returning.

But what a way to return.

Tiffany contacted me some time back after getting my name from a mutual friend. It didn’t take long to sit down and work out the details for her wedding video.

A few months passed and it was time for the wedding.

The day was nice and simple.

The biggest moment for me was during the ring ceremony. This wasn’t a typical wedding because instead of a just bride and a groom, there was a third party: Tiffany’s little boy, Aiden.

After Tiffany and Blake exchanged rings, Blake (much to Tiffany’s surprise) presented Aiden with a necklace. This instantly became personal for me because about 4 1/2 years ago, when I married my wife, I presented her daughter with a ring.

Needless to say, this wedding will be memorable for years to come.

Congrats to Blake, Tiffany, and Aiden!



 Miller Wedding Video by Hamil Bros Studios in Lubbock, TX

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