We’re very excited about our next Labor XII Album Tracking Minidoc! In this episode we cover days 2 and 3 of tracking the album, MONSTERS. It’s a good exercise to tell stories in a longer form than just 30 seconds or a minute. Short blurbs over time can help you when you need content to support your business but only have dedicated slots in which to produce it. That’s the way we’ve been tackling this and it has allowed us to schedule content out weekly for a couple months at this point for the band. 

Check out day 2 and 3 and let us know your thoughts! 

We’re having a blast producing these quick videos for our band. If you like what’s going on and want to take a more active role, definitely check out the crowdfunding campaign here!

If you’re wanting to really build content to engage your customer base or your audience, give us a shout! We’d love to meet with you and plan out your content schedule for the next few months, so you can focus on your business rather than your content.  

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