These blog posts may seem kind of sporadic, but, my tips blogs are written pretty much any time I run into an issue. This weeks issue: Church Rules.

I have gone to church almost my entire life and it is beyond me why some church leaders are so hung up on how important they think their building is. Whether it’s right or wrong, it is what it is.

Most of the time, the couples I work with have no idea that the church has a bunch of ridiculous rules in place for the photo and video crews.

This causes a huge conflict for us and it’s typically because neither side knows what the other side has planned. I understand the church’s side of things when they don’t want someone to be distracting during a wedding and it stinks that they have been in that position before with unprofessional vendors. But, on the flip side, they need to understand that you are paying for the use of their facility and you are paying your videographer and photographer to do a job.

Is there anything that can be done? Maybe. I don’t know, it is a case by case issue, but, it sure can’t hurt to talk to the preacher/pastor/coordinator person at the church where your ceremony is to be held and find out what their restrictions are (if any) and what can be done to work around those. After all, this is YOUR DAY and you are paying for it.


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