If you’ve been keeping up with our Facebook, you’ve probably seen a LOT of hype around our Hamil Bros Holostickers. We got them from stickermule and we LOVE them.  The day we put them up for grabs we ran out in just a few hours. Stickers went to Austin, San Angelo, Dallas/Ft Worth, Los Angeles, Kansas, San Diego, New York City, and beyond! 

We had such success that we have another round coming in! If you want one, let us know!

On that note, we’re starting to design stickers that make us laugh. We are in a position to upgrade computers and we figured out stickers are a good avenue that can help us achieve our goals and give you something tangible in return. 

It’s time to announce our first Hamil Bros Funny Sticker design. THE BACON STICKER inspired by our brother Reed and our good friend Chuck Hatcher. If you love bacon, this sticker was MADE FOR YOU. 

These 3″ die cut stickers are going to be $6 for the first one which also covers shipping and handling, then additional stickers are $4 a piece. We can mail anywhere in the continental United States. If you’d like a sticker or multiple stickers, please email [email protected] and put BACON STICKER: {your name} as the subject. In the body of the email, you can let us know how many stickers you want and we’ll go from there. 

We’re so excited about this new avenue for us to keep you all laughing! Who knows, if these are popular enough, we may just do a run of t shirts as well. 


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