As you can see from the title, this post is a little different from what we usually post here on our blog. But, this is a topic that is especially important to us. Over the last 6 months or so, Glen Robertson, former Mayor of Lubbock, has become a very good friend of ours. Glen is in the run off to represent the 19th district in U.S. Congress. Our first interaction with Glen was fall of 2015 when we were working on the Giving Tuesday Lubbock Initiative. Glen was one of the high profile individuals seen in the ad campaign along with several other BIG Lubbock icons.

We were brought into his campaign work just a few weeks before Christmas and have worked with Glen since then. Glen and his camp have treated us with nothing but respect since our first day on set with him and he’s earned our respect in return. In the video production world, there is a tendency for the “video guys” to be treated poorly, especially by higher profile individuals. While that hasn’t been the case with any of our high-profile shoots, we’ve spent much more time with Glen Robertson, and he is no exception. Not only has he become one of our valued clients, Glen, Karen, and the folks in his campaign have become our friends.

What truly speaks to us about Glen’s character is back in January, our grandmother, Joan “Honey” Rigney (probably our funniest and biggest supporter) was in a car accident that would result in the end of her life. We alerted all of our current jobs to the incident just so they knew turn arounds may not be as projected due to the severity of the event. Glen, along with his wonderful wife, Karen, and many others in the campaign continued to call, text, and message us to check on Honey and let us know they were praying for her as well as our whole family. Every time we showed up on set (which were a few times in the 2 weeks or so she was in the hospital), the first thing Glen asked us was “How is your grandmother doing?” He made sure to let us know that they were praying for us and if we ever needed anything to let him know. That showed us a whole new side to Glen Robertson that we hadn’t experienced. Not only did he support our work, he supported our family with prayers and just checking in. That shows us a genuine, caring, and concerned man and that’s the sort of man we want representing us in the United States Congress.

Tuesday, May 23rd is the final day to vote in the runoff. So, we strongly encourage you to get out there and vote for Glen, because he truly cares about the people of District 19.

Be on the lookout for a blogpost where we go over the lighting in this video step by step!

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