Is it worth settling?

Production disappointment

Over the last couple of months, Jacob and I have been spending a lot of time meeting with several potential clients. We’ve been talking to brides about their wedding videos and we’ve spent a lot of time talking to small businesses about television production.

Over the last few decades, wedding videographers have not earned a very good name for themselves. They march around with obnoxiously large camera rigs and end up putting out a wedding video that is dark and you can’t really hear anything anyway. Because of that, couples are placing less importance on their wedding films and investing a ton in things that only last a day (more on that here). The industry does, however, seem to be taking a step up the ladder in terms of importance given the the cinematic feel of a new generation of wedding videos.

Commercial production, however, seems to be stagnant and stale. We have met with several small business owners who nearly brushed us off by telling us “well, we just let the TV station do our commercials because they include it in our ad package.”

Our next step is politely convincing these small business owners to take 1 minute of their time to watch our demo reel. Most of them have quickly changed their minds.

Stop getting ripped off

We spoke with a director of marketing last Wednesday who was very receptive. Coming from a big city, he has experience working with good and bad production. One thing he mentioned that really stuck out to me was the fact that the TV stations and “cheap” video production studios are ripping people off.

The cheap studios are giving a mediocre product that is not near worth what clients are paying for it. His words, not mine.

My words: the TV stations are ripping clients off by offering “free” production that is terrible. I feel frustrated for the small businesses who feel like they are getting a good deal when the reality is that no one wants to watch their commercials. People already get annoyed with television commercials and that’s why DVRs and streaming TV have become so popular. For me, as a viewer, it’s because production on local commercials is so bad. I not only don’t mind good commercials, I really enjoy them, and so do other viewers. Ask yourself how many times you’ve seen a Progressive commercial or a Budweiser commercial and you couldn’t wait to see it again and tweet about it.

When you get “free” production from the TV stations, the only person making money is the TV station. If their irritating, cookie-cutter commercial is causing people to hit the mute button, then is it really worth paying for the air time?

On the reverse, if you’re going to put the money into TV air time, wouldn’t it be a better investment to pay for good production?

What’s the point?

We’ve had several clients tell us that they want to use us because we simply offer a level of quality that the TV stations don’t offer.

Is it that they can’t offer it or won’t offer it? That’s debatable, but, I lean towards “won’t” because they don’t want to take the time to educate themselves out of their comfort zones.

We firmly believe that there’s always room for improvement and we invest time and money into the future of your production.

Sure, it may cost you more money up front, but, if it means less people changing the channel or hitting the mute button when your “free” commercial comes on, then that means more people are hearing about your business and that they will have a higher respect for you and the pride you took in your business by investing in good marketing.


I know this was long-winded, but, it’s some food for thought.


Getting Your Money’s Worth with Hamil Bros Studios Video Production- Lubbock, Midland and Odessa Videographer Commercial


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