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I know, I know. You keep asking where have the Hamil Bros been? Day after day you visit the website in hopes for answers, only to leave disappointed. Well, I’m here today to give you some of those answers. First off, when you get crazy into production time and you have a team of two, maybe three, you get buried in work and it takes all your energy. If you’re a blogger or writer of any sort, you understand that it takes energy to write, even if it gives you energy as well. Then, add to that fact that you have then format and build a blog post and make it engaging enough that it doesn’t go to the wayside when you post it. So enough about that, what’s gone on in the last few months?

NAB, The Very Short of It

Well, back in April, we spent a few days in Las Vegas at NAB which was a blast. Then we’ve gotten to shoot with some returning clients and some new ones. I’m going to do my best to briefly give you a look at what we’ve done, but don’t fault me if I don’t remember it all, it’s been a whirlwind.

Milestones Park

We did a little updating to a project we’ve been shooting for Milestones park. This park is still currently in the funding phase and it’s about half-way to its $6 million goal! Milestones Park is a play park that is 100% accessible to Special Needs Children. So if you feel like that’s something you can get behind make sure to check out their website here! That was a cool shoot because we had a student from a small local community come and try out interning as part of a high school project. Very cool!

Post Audio for a Short and DKMS

We got hired as post production sound on a cool film out of Dallas, which was a really BIG learning experience in a LOT of different ways. We figured out some new audio recording techniques as well as got a lot of experience in designing an overall sound for a short film. That was a REALLY intense week.

A project brought us to Dallas to shoot a really cool story with a boy who has sickle cell anemia. We got to tell his story for DKMS. DKMS is a non-profit originally from Germany but now has a location in NYC. They’re foundation is deleting blood cancer and blood diseases. So, in short, they help people get into the bone marrow registry and if someone is a match for a candidate, DKMS pays all the costs to make that bone marrow transplant take place. This story is REALLY cool and we can’t wait to share it! In the meantime, if you’re reading this, you should join the fight against blood cancer, head over to their website and join the registry. The process is VERY simple and you could help save a life!

Sustainable Crop Insurance

On the local front, where we probably work the least, we’ve started a new relationship with Sustainable Crop Insurance. Where we’ll be procuring and producing web video content to flesh out their website and to inform potential new customers on their procedures, processes, and staff. We shot earlier this week in Lamesa, TX with Chris and one of his agents. That was a great shoot and we got some REALLY gorgeous footage on the ground and in the air (aerial was provided by West Texas Aerials).

That’s all we have for now, but you can definitely keep up with the day to day stuff we’re doing if you head over to our instagram, facebook, and twitter!


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