I’ll keep this one short, because Jacob and I are slammed right now and getting ready for NAB.

Yesterday, someone did something really nice for me. The vague version of the story is that I needed something and someone gave it to me at their own expense, under one condition.

While I generally feel like conditional favors kind of remove the favor from the favor, this definitely wasn’t one of those favors (did I mention it was a favor?).

The condition was, as follows: Pay it forward and do something nice for someone today! : )

That I can do. While this thing may have seemed small to them, the more I think about it, the bigger this has become for me. I think it feels more significant because I hardly know this person. They didn’t just do something nice for me, they went out of their way to do it, and they hardly know me.

So, what’s the point? The point is this: what you do for someone else is not near as important as why you do it how you do it. Sure, this person is really helping me out. But, the way they did it made my day. It in a time when things have felt kind of rough, this seemingly small act of kindness has been huge.


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