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We Get the Whole Family Involved! (Video)

Our awesome mom with one her newest creations!

We don’t really like to keep our video production work between the two of us. We typically like to get the whole family involved in our video productions.

Our amazing mother is one of the kindest, most wonderful souls you’ll ever meet and I don’t just say that because she’s our mom. She is always willing to help us out with projects galore with no expectance of anything in return.

She loves to sew and anyone who knows her knows she loves it. She made all sorts of costumes for us growing up. Over the past few months she’s done some amazing work for us and today was just another reminder of how cool she is.

In this business, we need a lot of odd equipment that you would never think would be necessary for shooting commercial productions, weddings, or short films. Some of those important items are sandbags. They’re great for securing light stands, tripods, dolly track, etc. Just yesterday she helped sew 100 lbs worth of sandbags for us. We had lots of laughs and a ton of fun over the course of several hours putting them together and trust me, it’s no easy task. Below is a short time lapse of the assembly of just one sand bag.

We go to great lengths to give our customers an amazing experience in service and production. That means significant time spent in after hours shooting, equipment building, and constant education.

Enjoy the time lapse!


We Get the Whole Family Involved! (Video) – Lubbock, Midland and Odessa Videographer Commercial

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  1. […] was set up was not conducive to the familiar West-Texas wind. Luckily, we had a ton of sandbags (more on those here). We set about 250 pounds of sandbags and counter weights on the stand bases. It did very well […]

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